A trustworthy candidate with sensible solutions.


My dear Oaklanders, let’s prevent the wealthy, influential, and selfish few from hijacking our elections again. I urge you to stand with me for a better Oakland where everyone is entitled to:

  • Integrity, transparency, and accountability by public servants, particularly the Police and elected officials,
  • Clean, safe, and pleasant public spaces,
  • Affordable, safe, and clean homes
  • Quality education for our all of our students, and
  • DIGNITY, regardless of our wealth, demographic, race, or neighborhood

It can be done. All we need to do is to challenge the incumbents and engage in public discourse with our neighbors about the conditions of our city and how we can influence our politicians for a better Oakland.

I urge you to read the pages on my Principles, Practices, and Promises to make an informed decision about lending your support to my campaign.

But more importantly, I welcome and cherish your ideas on ways to make Oakland a thriving community that would serve as a model for cities around the world. Link to: Share your idea.