Uncompromising Practices

A trustworthy candidate with sensible solutions.

While principles are the bedrock of what motivates us, it is our practices that serve as a validation of our steadfast commitment to upholding our stated principles. Let’s face it, fancy words and hollow rhetoric is how politicians trick their way into office each time. Therefore, we must demand that candidates tell us how they intend to conduct their affairs while in office. Below are the practices that you can expect of me as your mayor:

  • Safeguard against undue influence from special interests. There is no question that at the core of our political system failure is influence of deep pockets, special interests, and corporate conglomerates. We must take steps to bring the power back to the People. Period.
  • Be Transparent. Oaklanders have a right to know what their mayor does, whom s/he meets, and where they go. As is commonly known, politicians tend to conduct much of their business behind closed doors. We must end this model of secrecy in governing.
  • Exercise compassion. There are many who have been disenfranchised by our government at all levels. The time to begin the healing process and righting many wrongs is now. By helping the most marginalized, we will lift our entire city.
  • Commit to explicit outcomes. Instead of grandiose speeches, I pledge to accomplish explicit, measurable, and verifiable outcomes. No excuses. No blame games. No bull.
  • Listen. The best ideas have never come from City Hall. The best ideas can only come from the community.